• 31-JAN-2018

The fleet comes to Guangzhou

VNR Fleet departs Guangzhou IV CHN 05 Feb

The fleet is in Guangzhou.
You can find here footage related to arrivals on 01 February and the Dongfeng In-Port Race in 03 February.

VNR: Fleet leaves Guangzhou, 05 Feb

VNR and interviews from the Dongfeng In-Port Race Guangzhou, 03 Feb:
VNR in English
VNR in Chinese
IV EN Xabi Fernández 
IV ES Xabi Fernández 
IV ES-EUS (Euskera) Xabi Fernández 
IV ES Tamara Echegoyen 
IV ES-GAL (Gallego) Tamara Echegoyen 
IV ES Joan Vila 
IV ES-CAT (Catalan) Joan Vila 

Arrival in Guangzhou and city GVs:
VNR Fleet arrives in Guangzhou 01 Feb

Interviews filmed in Hong Kong looking ahead to Guangzhou:
IV EN DFG Caudrelier ahead of Guangzhou 31 Jan
IV CN DFG Liu Xue Black ahead of Guangzhou 31 Jan
IV EN DFG Black ahead of Guangzhou 31 Jan


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