• 03-MAY-2018

VNR 03 MAY Leg 8 - Small changes making the difference

VNR 03 MAY - Small changes making the difference

Team Brunel is still leading and Dongfeng Race Team, race overall leader, is chasing not far behind. Turn the Tide on Plastic, too, are fighting hard for a podium. Team SunHung Kai Scallywag and team AkzoNobel are not in the place they would like to be.

IV NL BNL Bekking 03 May Leg 8
IV NL BNL Ehler 03 May Leg 8
IV FR DFG Escoffier 03 May Leg 8
IV CN DFG Chen Horace 03 May Leg 8
IV EN VEH Dana 03 May Leg 8
IV EN VEH Johnson 03 May Leg 8
IV IT TTT Clapcich 03 May Leg 8
IV ES MPF Fernández 03 May Leg 8
IV ES MPF Vila 03 May Leg 8
IV ES MPF Echegoyen 03 May Leg 8
IV NL AZN Tienpont 03 May Leg 8
IV PT SHK Fontes 03 May Leg 8
TTT EN focus on Lucas Chapman (AUS) 03 May Leg 8


The Volvo Ocean Race crews were putting the pedal to the metal on Thursday as they enjoyed fast sailing conditions in the northern hemisphere trade winds.

At 1300 UTC every team apart from Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag had broken the magical mark of sailing 500 miles in 24 hours, lapping up the fast sailing that the stable north easterly breeze has granted them.

Dutch-flagged Team Brunel continued to lead the charge, opening up their advantage on second-placed Dongfeng Race Team to 20 miles, with Turn the Tide on Plastic another 13 miles behind. 

With the gap between first and third less than two hours, the sailors know there is no margin for error. 

“We are in good spirits – we have the feeling that the further we get with this race, the more we feel we can do it,” said Dongfeng skipper Charles Caudrelier. “However, the pressure is mounting too. The stakes are higher and we know that we can’t really afford to make mistakes any more.”

With such little difference between the teams at this stage of the leg, gains are won and lost by the smallest of changes – a slight tweak to a sail or a tiny alteration to the angle sailed.

Turn the Tide on Plastic skipper Dee Caffari said finding the right balance was a constant dilemma.




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