• 01-JUN-2015

Weekly Highlights n°25

Once again the Tejo river was key in the last miles of leg 7. Light wind and strong currents made the difference. Team Brunel got their second victory in this Volvo Ocean Race crossing the finish line after 9 days 11 hours and 9 minutes. A good result for the Dutch team for the overall standings.

20 minutes later, the Spanish boat MAPFRE crossed the finish line getting a really good result after a close fight with Dongfeng Race Team.

Meanwhile Team SCA were enjoying the last hours of their Transatlantic crossing with really good sailing conditions.

Team Alvimedica had a good result. They were 3rd arriving in Lisbon despite being behind Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing just an hour and a half before. They overtook the Emirati boat and then Dongfeng Race Team, just few miles from the finish line. Celebrations on board the American-Turkish boat and disappointed faces on board the Chinese-French boat. The result was a blow to Dongfeng Race Teams chances of being the winner of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015.

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing crossed the line in 5th place with Team SCA 6th only 2 hours behind them.

A few hours before the fleet finished leg 7, a dream came true for Team Vestas Wind.
After 6 months working for this moment, Team Vestas Wind rejoined the Volvo Ocean Race after arriving to the race village in Lisbon. The boat was put back together and lifted onto the water ready for the Lisbon inport race on the 6th of June.

As usual, on land the shore crews started their busy days as soon as the boats arrived. This is the last time the boats will be taken out of the water until the end of the race, so the last opportunity for any deep maintenance.

The Lisbon stoppover is on and the race village is full of people curious about the Volvo Ocean Race and taking part in all the activities. This is the second time the Volvo Ocean race has stopped in Lisbon and its popularity among the locals is as strong as ever.


  • Marie Laurens
    Volvo Ocean Race News Distribution Manager