• 24-MAY-2015

Weekly highlights n°24

It was a great start to leg 7 with thousands of spectators on land and at sea waving goodbye from Newport, Rhode Island. Ahead of the fleet, 2800 miles of the Atlantic ocean and some of the toughest sailing they will face all race.And the challenges came thick and fast, first up came the shipping lanes just off Newport.

After that, the first few hours of ocean sailing were not kind to the crews, the cold weather and thick fog made for uncomfortable racing conditions. 4 days in the fleet were approaching the Ice Gates, GPS waypoints to keep them away from dangerous icebergs. Here only 2 miles separated the first and the fifth boat, teams were effectively match racing in the middle of the ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean is never a place to be underestimated, it can be dangerous, especially when you hit something at night.

With the Ice Gates behind them the fleet were now faced with one of the most important decisions of the leg as they approach the Azores High.

Away from all the excitement at sea Team Vestas Wind emerged from a boatyard in Bergamo, Italy, ready to rejoin the race for the final two legs. Over the past five months
the boat has been virtually rebuilt and will be reunited with the rest of the fleet for the first time since running aground in the Indian Ocean in Leg 2.

With the fleet now less than 1000 miles from Lisbon the Last 24 hours have seen multiple place changes. Dongfeng Race Team currently leads but are only 12 miles ahead of fifth place Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing. Team SCA are at the rear but have found better speed and are currently closing down the leaders. Every mile counts and this is set to be another dash to the line in the leg that could decide the winner of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015.


  • Marie Laurens
    Volvo Ocean Race News Distribution Manager