• 15-DEC-2014

Weekly Highlights N°10

This was the situation for the leaders just 20 miles from the finish line in Abu Dhabi. Team Brunel and Dongfeng Race Team fighting it out for victory. Every mile, every move would be crucial. Expectation and concentration on board. Pure match racing after more than 20 days of sailing. And the result was…

Skipper Bouwe Bekking and Team Brunel won leg 2 after 23 days, 16 hours, 25 min and 20 seconds of sailing 5,200 miles from Cape Town to Abu Dhabi. A fantastic end to a tough leg 2 for the Dutch team.

16 minutes behind Team Brunel, the Chinese-French entry, Dongfeng Race Team took second place, matching their finishing position in leg 1. They finished leg 2 in a time of 23 days 16 hours 41 min and 40 seconds.

Meanwhile another battle was taking place in the water. After almost a week of match racing, MAPFRE and Team Alvimedica were still fighting to gain the upper hand whilst crossing the Strait of Hormuz.

A hundred miles away, Team SCA were preparing to tackle the last, tricky 280 miles towards Abu Dhabi.

Back in Abu Dhabi, and a special moment for the stopover. The local team, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing took third place, and there was huge excitement as they sailed into port. Skippered by Ian Walker, and with Adil Khalid on board, Azzam crossed the line 3 hours after Dongfeng making the overall standings a 3 way tie between Brunel, Dongfeng and Abu Dhabi.

The battle was over, MAPFRE arrived in Abu Dhabi at sunrise, 50 miles ahead of Team Alvimedica to take 4th position. A good result and a big relief for the Spanish team after their last place in leg 1.
In fifth place came the Turkish-American boat Team Alvimedica. Charlie Enright and his young crew will never forget this leg after coming to the aid of the stricken Team Vestas Wind boat.
The all-female squad, Team SCA arrived into Abu Dhabi in sixth place after 25 days 6 hours and 23 minutes.

The third leg now begins for the Volvo Boatyard crew, as they set to work taking the boats out of the water and preparing the fleet for leg 3. In-port racing begins here in Abu Dhabi on the 2nd of January.