• 04-MAY-2015

Weekly Highlight N°22

The fleet is still sailing North heading to Newport. At this moment they are 1000 miles from the finish line fighting every single mile to be faster than the other competitors. These last miles have being very tough and after 7 months of close racing the sailors are exhausted.

The teams crossed the Equator for 4th time in this Volvo Ocean Race. Team SCA were the first team to cross on this occasion. Some of the teams celebrated, whilst others counted how many times they have achieved the landmark during their lives so far.

The fleet sailed very close together, constantly changing positions. Team SCA was the most easterly located. Opposite them was Team Alvimedica, with 50 miles of lateral separation between them.

Every knot of speed counts and there's no room for error. The fleet has also had to deal with a persistent obstacle in this part of the Atlantic Ocean, the Sargasso Sea.

The seaweed caused some problems for the fleet. The rudders and the keel would constantly catch it, so clearing them was essential in order to not loose speed.

After crossing the Equator the boats were already sailing in the North Atlantic Ocean and are very close to each other as they head towards the Caribbean Islands.

Dongfeng Race Team and Team Brunel took a westerly route while Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing and MAPFRE were sailing more east. Every manoeuvre counts towards gaining or losing miles.

Life on board kept going as usual, the conditions were good so they even managed to make some special meals.

The fleet had been sailing with the Trade winds. Reaching sails, fast speeds, wet conditions onboard and champagne sailing.

The fleet has already crossed the Bermuda Triangle and have gibed west.Dongfeng is leading the fleet, second is Team Brunel and third is Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing.

The following days will see the boats dealing with the Gulf Stream on the final stretch to Newport.


  • Marie Laurens
    Volvo Ocean Race News Distribution Manager