• 08-JAN-2015

Team Vestas Wind update - from Malaysia to Italy.

The long campaign – 'A Race We Must Win' – for Team Vestas Wind to re-enter the race by the time it leaves Lisbon in June continues.

The boat has been thoroughly examined in a port near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is now being transported on a Maersk Line ship towards Genoa in Italy where it is expected to arrive on January 25.

From there it will be taken to the Persico yard in Bergamo for repairing, with the assistance of Race Sponsor, GAC Pindar.

"Let me be really clear, the boat's a mess, almost everywhere key structure is broken and this will be not be easy," said Neil Cox, the team's shore chief.

The boat was grounded on a reef on St Brandon in the Indian Ocean on November 29, forcing the Danish-backed crew to suspend racing. It was retrieved from the reef just before Christmas and last Friday the team announced officially it planned to return to racing.


  • Marie Laurens
    Volvo Ocean Race News Distribution Manager