• 22-APR-2015

Celebrating Earth day from the sea (Video)

- Earth Day from the sea, an array of stunning images from six months of the race (Video)
- Charlie Enright (USA), skipper Team Alvimedica - blog of the day

Go here to preview the Earth Day from the sea video - a review of six months sailing in the Volvo Ocean Race.
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Charlie Enright - April 22, 2015 - Earth Blog Day

"Ah, Earth Day…
Earth, globe, world, planet…get out a Thesaurus and finish the list if you'd like. For me, all these words start to take on a different connotation when you're trying to sail around the very entity that they attempt to define.

During the past year, I have seen more of the earth than I had in my first 29 years, combined. It's an absolute amazing place and it's up to us to keep it that way. We've sailed through the vastness of the Southern Ocean, down the pristine coastline of New Zealand and around the rugged Cape of Good Hope, some of the most isolated places in the world. It's these places, the ones unaffected by mankind and marine debris that remain the most natural and picturesque.

We've been though some more affected parts of the earth as well, the Malacca Straight, the Gulf of Oman, the Bay of Bengal, and the South China Sea. It's these bodies of water, the ones surrounded by dense human populations, that suffer from the most marine debris, to the point where we have to be checking our foils multiple times a day and back downs become a regular occurrence.

Sailing around the earth puts you in a unique group, it gives you perspective on what's actually going on out there in some places, but none of that matters if you don't spread the word. We can all be better about our footprint. Sure, we keep all our rubbish onboard the boat and toss it when we get to port, we drink desalinated water to save on plastics and weight, but we can still be better, everyone can. Our oceans are our racecourses and for the better part of this last year, they've been my home. You don't leave palates, nets, and plastic bottles lying around your home, so why should we leave them in the ocean?

I look forward to discussing what we've seen during our fist 35,000 miles once we get to RI. The Ocean Summit, put on by 3 groups that really care about Ocean Conservation, Volvo, Sail Newport and 11th Hour Racing, should be a great event and I can't wait to take part in it."</I>


  • Marie Laurens
    Volvo Ocean Race News Distribution Manager