• 23-FEB-2015

1,000 miles of clouds

72 hours ago, the six Volvo Ocean Race boats were speeding along the Pacific Ocean, surfing blue waves and enjoying good speeds. All sailors said it was "champagne sailing."

But they ran out of bubbles... the fleet is now stuck in a 1,000nm wide transition area, playing with light airs, dreading the dark clouds around them, and the thunderstorms that come with it.

It's been tricky dealing with the tropical activity around Vanuatu, with westerly and easterly winds converging. And while Dongfeng Race Team made the most of it and caught up with the leaders to take the first position, Team Brunel went from first to fifth place overnight yesterday.

The good news? Five days to a possible finish in Auckland on February 28, they're all within 15nm of each other. That's 27km or 17 miles. That's very, very tight racing.


  • Marie Laurens
    Volvo Ocean Race News Distribution Manager